All this while we have handled CRM Integrations and workflow automations only in team settings in We have now introduced them from within a campaign to help you sync your prospect data from your CRM.

In the campaign creation steps, in the prospects upload stage you would now find the option to connect and sync your prospect data from CRM and also to your CRM.

Here are the steps on how you can achieve this:

Step 1: Click on the CRM of your choice.

Step 2: Login to your CRM account and grant us permissions.

Step 3: Select on Contacts/ leads or persons data you want to sync.

Step 4: Map your CRM columns fields with that of fields.

Step 5: Once you map your columns, you can now choose the filter/ list view/ view in your CRM from which you want to sync contacts from. You also have the option to sync the prospect email activity from to your CRM by choosing the option to update activity to your CRM and you can start syncing.

PS: you can still turn off the workflow automations by going to settings --> team settings --> workflow automation --> and pausing your workflow

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