Over the past few weeks we have been working on bringing a new update for smartreach.io. We are happy to announce the new update to you today. 

You will find a switch to access the new update by clicking on this toggle at the top.

This is whats changed in SmartReach.io:

  1. Improved Navigation

  2. Improved Search and Filters 

  3. Improved Team Navigation

  4. Campaign creation steps

  5. Account Based Sales

  6. Improved Inbox

  7. Updated Workflows

  8. Tags

  9. APIs and Webhooks

1) Navigation Bar:

For starters, you can find that the navigation bar which was at the top in the Older version is moved to the side. 

2) Improved Search and Filters:

You can also find the Search and Filters option in every page of the site. You can apply filters according to the page that you are in.

 3) Improved Team Navigation:  

Earlier in SmartReach, inorder to switch between clients and team member views, you would have used Switch View. We have removed Switch View option with the Team selection button at the top. 

And in this, if you wish to check the data of individual team members, you can go to filters and use the Owners filters to see the appropriate results in the Campaigns, Prospects, Accounts, Reports and Inbox pages

  4) Campaign Creation steps:

You will find that the campaign creation steps will now have 5 steps instead of the 4 earlier. 

5) Account Based Sales:

We have introduced account based sales to help you reach out to larger enterprises more effectively. 

With accounts activity in SmartReach, you can check how different people at various levels in the organisation respond to your outreach and device effective strategies to make the sale. 

6) Improved Inbox:

Do you ever get replies from your clients who ask you to check back with them in a couple of months? Then the Snooze feature is for you. It lets you put a reminder to your emails in your smartreach.io inbox on any choosen date. Not just that, if your prospects are on Out of Office, and if you receive an automated response on when they would be back in office, the Snooze feature would help you schedule a reminder for that date.

We have also introduced Done feature which lets you archive the replies that you have received. 

7) Updated Workflows:

Earlier in SmartReach.io, you would have to create individual workflows for each email activity like email opened, replied, link clicked etc. Though this offered greater flexibility in choosing only the workflows which you want, it was too cumbersome to create multiple workflows.

We have now introduced "Any Activity" option which updates any email activity either individually or all together.

Also, earlier a workflow once created would be applicable for all the campaigns in your account. Now you can trigger workflows for each individual campaigns by adding campaign conditions

Also, when you are trying to sync data between SmartReach and Hubspot, whenever a new prospect is created in SmartReach and you want to update email activity, it wouldn't create activity if the prospect doesn't exist in Hubspot first. We have now updated it in such a way that if the prospect doesn't exist in Hubspot you can create the prospect and then update activity.

8) Tags:

You can now mark your prospects by giving them a specific name or tag and filter out prospects using these tags. You can use create the tags both manually and automatically in SmartReach.io

For more on tags refer this article.

9) Updated Webhooks and APIs:

We are providing extensive API documentation to help you customise SmartReach into your existing product line.

You can also use extensive webhooks from where you can get necessary information from SmartReach to process it as per your use case.

With these new features and whole new design, we believe that we have made it more easier for you to use SmartReach. So what are you waiting for? Just click on the toggle and explore the new features and don't forget to let us know what you think. 

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