After you integrate with your CRM, you can automate workflows. Workflows function based on Triggers and Actions. Any new event in one tool would be a trigger and there can be a corresponding action in your connected tool. 

For example if you have connected Pipedrive CRM with,

Whenever a new prospect is added to your account, you can add this prospect into PipeDrive 

You can do this with the help of following steps:

Step 1: In your account, goto Settings --> Workflow Automation and Create a new workflow.

Step 2: Name your workflow

Step 3: Select the app in which you are creating the trigger

Step 4: Select Event as per your use case

Step 5: You can also add conditions for the workflow to work for specific campaigns


Step 6: Select the app in which you need to create the action

Step 7: Select the action that has to be initiated in that app.

Step 8: You can now save and start the workflow

PS:. If you are trying to update activity in your CRM and if the prospect already doesn't exist in your CRM you can create the prospect and execute the workflow.

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