Adding prospects to a list is the easiest way of segregating them later on. You can create as many lists as possible and add as many prospects to a list as you want. 

Creation of list can happen at multiple places on :

1. While uploading a CSV file with prospects:

Step 1: Click on Upload a CSV file.

Step 2: If you have doubts on CSV file format just click on the Sample CSV file download. 

Step 3: Click on browse to select the file path of the CSV on your machine or just drag the CSV and drop it in the shaded region and Click Next

Step 4: Map the fields in the CSV file to the fields in form.  

Step 5: Here you can either choose an existing list, or type in the name of a new list.

Click on the dropdown as indicated by the arrow. 

Step 6: Start typing the new list name you wish to assign and you can find the new list added at the bottom (with the name you are typing). 

Click on it and your prospects will be added to the new list. 

2. While adding a prospect manually:

After creating a campaign, you would be directed to the Prospects page.

Step 1: Click on Add Manually button

Step 2:  In the form that appears, in the first column, type in the prospect’s email address (required). Fill in the rest of the details about the prospect. 

Step 3: Click on the List and start typing the new list name to add this prospect to a new list.

3. While updating a prospect:

Step 1: Select a prospect you wish to assign to a new list. 

Step 2: Click on the list dropdown and start typing a new list name you wish to assign the prospect to, and click Update. The new list will be created and the prospect added to it.

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