After creating a campaign, you would be redirected to the prospects page. You can also upload prospect by going to the main Prospects page on the top header, or in an existing campaign by going to the Prospects tab.

Step 1: Click on Upload a CSV file.

Step 2: If you have doubts on csv file format just click on the Sample CSV file download. 

Step 3: Click on browse to select the file path of the csv on your machine or just drag the CSV and drop it in the shaded region and Click Next

Step 4: Map the fields in the CSV file to the fields in form  

Note: If there are fields in the CSV that do not match, you can create a new column to assign the column in the CSV to the column in the form.

Step 5: Add the prospects to an already existing list or type in the new list name to add to a new list.

You can also choose to update existing prospect data into by choosing "Update Fields for Duplicate Prospects"

You can also choose whether to ignore duplicate prospects assigned to a campaign or not with the " Ignore Assigning Prospects that are active in any other campaign"

Step 6: Click Upload to check the status of the prospects.  If the number of prospects added are lesser in number you would find a similar screen as below 

But if the number of prospects are many in number say more than 100, would take upto 5 minutes to upload and it would send an email after successful upload. A message like the one below would be shown. 

And an email would be sent as shown below. 

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