At, our goal is to help you run successful cold email campaigns. Some features for this include:

  1. In-built email validation / List-cleaning: We validate each prospect's email before sending them the first email. If the validation fails, we don't send emails to them, thus reducing your bounce rate.

  2. Spam Test: You can run a Spam Test on your campaign and ensure you have configured your email account perfectly with all the DNS settings, and have no broken links in your email.

  3. Campaign Warmup: A sudden spike in emails sent can make your email-account look suspicious to spam filters. You can use campaign warmups to gradually ramp up the number of emails you are sending, thus building a solid email reputation over time.

  4. Missing merge-tags: SmartReach allows you to personalise your emails fully using merge-tags e.g. "Hi {{first_name}}". However, if one of your prospects is missing the merge-tag field and you have used that field in a campaign, then SmartReach will block that email from being sent, until you add back the field. No more worrying about sending broken emails!

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