In SmartReach, all the prospects' email addresses are verified before the first mail is sent to them. The validation step does various checks including SMTP checks, MX lookups, and  email format validation to catch invalid / non-existent emails. Usually this catches upto 80% of invalid emails, and helps reduce your bounce rates -> thus increasing your email's reputation and resulting in higher email deliverability and open rates.

Is this completely Free ?

Yes, it is. At SmartReach, our objective is to help you run successful cold email outreach campaigns, and we want to make it seamless for you to follow the best practices.

Note: Email verification can not be fully accurate because email service providers like Gmail, Outlook and others make it impossible to validate certain sets of email domains like generic domains (,, and some corporate email domains as well. 

SmartReach's accuracy would be at par with any other third party email verification service out there, because we use all the automated verification steps that are used in the industry.

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