When you login to SmartReach.io, one of the basic steps to get started with your cold email campaigns is to connect your account with an email-id. 

You can do this from multiple places on SmartReach.io. 

When you start a new campaign 

Step 1: Click on Create a New Campaign.

Step 2: Click on Send emails from

Step 3: Click on Add a new email account

Step 4: Select an email account you wish to integrate.

For the benefit of some users we have also given an option to receive emails to a different account than the sending email address.

If you wish to use a different email address for receiving email than sending, you can click on Receive Replies to button and click on Add new email account


Adding an account from Settings:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on Add Email Account

Step 3: Select an Email Service provider you want to send or receive emails from.

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